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Messages: The Power Of Words! 

Have you ever read an article in a magazine, or newspaper editorial column or saw a video about a certain topic or heard a speaker engage in a subject matter that so resonated with you, it left you thinking for days or changed your perspective about an issue? That is the power of a message; to completely change your own thinking, opinion or belief structure to something you may have not considered contemplating before.

The greatest message ever given to mankind is the one our Heavenly Father proclaimed for all of humanity through His Word. This message has the power to deliver, heal, reveal, convict, challenge and encourage. His message provides a road map to our eternal destiny, yet can shape the future of our present reality and restructure the course of our history. There's power in His message! It's my hope that you will be

blessed by the messages you view on here, whether it be in the written word or through dreams, visions and prophetic utterances, given by the Holy Spirit. Take everything that is seen and read through prayer before the Lord. Let the truth of what is read or viewed, resonate within your soul and heart. Let the messages heal and encourage when that is needed, or challenge and convict when that is also required.


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