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Heaven.. The Eternal Frontier, Beyond The Veil!

Do you ever think about eternity? Do you ever consider what happens the moment after you breathe your last breath on earth? Do you ever think about where you'd spend eternity? This thought is very true, "at the moment of death whoever owns you, will come from you!" Whether it's God the Father of Life and Light, or satan the father of lies and darkness.. one will eternally claim you! If your sins have been washed away by the Blood of the Lamb, His grace, redemptive power and sacrifice on the Cross for all of mankind has been applied to your life. Do you ever wonder what heaven is like? The joy, the ecstasy, the love, the wonder, the peace, the adventure to fully explore and discover.. is what awaits for those who've said yes to Jesus!

This is just a glimpse, a conceptualization of what heaven is like based on God's word and prophetic revelations, dreams, visions given by the Lord through His Spirit to His people. The purpose is to strengthen those who have faith in Him and to encourage those who don't know the Lord, to get to know Him and realize that there is more to life than what is experienced on this side of heaven. There's eternal life in Him and with Him because Christ is life and life eternal!

God is real! Jesus is real! The Holy Spirit is real! Heaven is real! Hell is real! Jesus is coming back much sooner than we think.. are you ready for His Return? Are you ready for what lies behind and beyond the veil? Is your heart right before the Lord? What's on earth will not last, but eternity is forever!

~ AW4C ~

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